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ASSOCIUM Community Chest and Youth Arts Partnership


The ASSOCIUM Community Chest (ACC) is excited to have partnered with Sketch, and their partner Cue, this year to award budding entrepreneurs with a micro grant to assist in the launch of their business. Through an extensive selection process, our combined panel of supporters will choose applicants who show promise both in ambition and idea, as well as need in the areas of business guidance and finance. We will once again ask our guests for their generosity in opening their hearts and wallets in patronage of the ACC.

The ASSOCIUM Community Chest has been created to develop economic independence and the opportunity for people to pursue their interests with dignity and respect. The ACC will seek to facilitate an opportunity for promising entrepreneurs in our communities to gain business skills, who would otherwise never be given a chance.

SKETCH is a platform for homeless and marginalized youth to experience the transformative power of the arts. Since 1996 over 10,000 youth have engaged in the arts and skill building at SKETCH. Learn more at www.sketch.ca or follow them @SKETCHToronto.

CUE is a radical arts initiative dedicated to supporting new generation artists who live and work on the margins.

ASSOCIUM’s ongoing charitable endeavours will fund this grant program, including the annual NJM Golf Invitational which is held on Thursday August 17, 2017. Help us raise funds for charity and get more visibility for your company among existing or potential clients. Please consider sponsoring a hole and complete the registration form if you are interested in attending the golf tournament of the season!

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