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ASSOCIUM Benefits is a Third Party Administrator (TPA). We work closely with plan administrators to ensure that plans are managed efficiently and effectively and that liability is minimized. Below are the resources available to help make the job easier.

ASSOCIUM Responsibilities

  • Provide ongoing servicing which includes a dedicated Client Services Associate
  • Assist the client with the enrollment, terminations and changes
  • Provide monthly billing statements
  • Assist with claims

Our site contains all the forms an administrator needs to manage the day-to-day activities of their plan. Below is a check-list of ways administrators can ensure they fulfil their roll most effectively. Employers commit to provide employees with employee benefits that, for example, provide a certain amount of insurance and disability coverage. If the coverage is compromised or reduced by error or omission, your company could be liable for the shortfall or the entire benefit. Administrators can reduce the risk by:

  • Ensure employees opt in to the life and disability plan
  • Submitting new enrolments well in advance of employee effective dates
  • Ensuring changes and employee terminations are done in a timely manner
  • Updating employee salaries as required
  • Offering employees who are eligible for a Life or LTD benefit above the maximum available, without providing health evidence, the opportunity to make an application
  • Maintaining availability of up-to-date booklets and plan details for employees
  • Paying premiums on time
  • Beginning LTD claims process early
  • Ensuring employees on maternity or parental leave are aware of their options regarding the maintenance or cancellation of their benefit coverage and informing the insurer when an employee is planning to go on leave

The ASSOCIUM Benefits administrator’s manual for our plan members includes advice in a number of administrative areas, a checklist of tasks and procedures that will reduce the risk to the employer as well as sample waivers and wording that can be used when necessary.

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