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Group Benefits

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Group Benefits

Group Benefits

ASSOCIUM Benefits is a unique Employee Group Benefits provider in Canada.

Employee Group Benefits

ASSOCIUM Benefits was established in the mid 1990’s with a mission to change how employee benefits are sold and managed. Our goal is to provide better value and financial stability for employers of all sizes. Our approach is a non-traditional one. We build on the economies of scale created by our total business to obtain lower administrative costs, deliver better renewals and more sustainable rates over the long run. Combined with our unique value added products and services, ASSOCIUM Benefits plans maximize value for employers and employees both.

As a Third Party Administrator (TPA) we are more flexible than individual insurance companies. We offer access to small group plans for employers of two or more employees; competitive rates on plans for larger employers (including Administrative Services Only and Health Care Spending Accounts), and customized benefit packages utilizing products from various sources. We support our clients with one-on-one customer service; cost containment strategies and unique value add products and services such as complimentary Human Resource management hours and group purchasing opportunities.

For Advisors

ASSOCIUM is recognized as industry experts. Through ASSOCIUM Advisor Services, we provide support to brokers, agents and advisors who wish to access the full benefits market for their clients or take advantage of our expertise, administrative support services and educational opportunities. We assist advisors with annual renewals, plan marketing, plan design and customer service.

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