We offer a wide range of innovative group benefits products with fully-flexible plan options, effective cost-containment features and superior customer service.



Our Specialists work in partnership with your management team to facilitate effective solutions for your organizational challenges, while building your capacity.



Save money in all areas of your operational spend. Engage in shared services and group purchasing for your people, technology and supply chain solutions.


Helpful industry news about employee benefits, human resources and office procurement solutions.
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Dental Guide

The 2024 Dental Fee Guide

When dental plan renewals are prepared, underwriters analyze usage patterns over the previous years…

Group Benefits

Attract, retain and build a better future for your organization.

Human Resources

ASSOCIUM Consultants provides expertise in HR with a full range of services.

Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation

Job evaluations are widely used in all sectors, both public and private.

Shared Services and Group Purchasing

Optimizing your operational efficiency to save money.

Grand & Toy and ACCO

Work from anywhere solutions that will assist in staying safer and more comfortable during…

Outsource Payroll

Payroll Outsourcing

Managing the payroll can be a daunting task if you’re not familiar with all…

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