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About Us

ASSOCIUM is a full service operations network for not-for-profit agencies, private and public sector business.

As forerunners of the industry since 1984, ASSOCIUM Consultants became the leaders in Human Resources and Organizational Development. Shortly thereafter, the Procurement Services division was created, and ASSOCIUM GAIN was introduced to answer the needs of the not-for-profit sector across Canada. Not long afterward, ASSOCIUM Advantage was formed to reach the private sector marketplace. To round out our service to the non-profit and charitable sector, ASSOCIUM became trailblazers in employee group benefits. Today, ASSOCIUM Benefits is a full service TPA, as well as an MGA, division. Our three lines of business manage the back office support system of our members/clients to help ensure these organizations are able to free up resources, add to their bottom line, and strengthen their workforce.

Our Consultants and Advisors customize solutions that are a perfect fit for your organization. We focus on our expertise of partnership creation. We provide organizations with the structure, and our partners provide the services.

Contact ASSOCIUM today for a complimentary assessment, and let ASSOCIUM do what we do best so that you can achieve your best.

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