HR Audit Package

HR Audit Package

As your business grows in size and complexity your HR needs will have to evolve proportionally – even if you think otherwise. A change in the number of full time employees, for example, triggers certain legislative requirements. Also, you will eventually have to implement more transparent and fair compensation systems as more employees do the same – or similar jobs. You will also find yourself devoting more daily time responding to HR related employee queries – time not spent on growing your business.

So what can you do to figure out the what/why/when/how of all things HR? Our audit package does just that. After a comprehensive review of your HR systems we provide a prioritized list of activities and a road map to get you there inclusive of timelines and resource needs. Our audit goal is to make sure your organization is compliant and to ensure your business has the right HR resourcing to support your business growth.

Work Steps with Key Activities and Outcomes

  1. Advisory time with HR Consultant
    Meet with Key Stakeholder to complete assessment
  2. Develop prioritized action plan
    Risk management
    HR effectiveness
  3. Present report and advise on HR Next Steps

Cost: $999

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