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Advisor Services

Services for Advisors, Brokers and Consultants (ABCs)

ASSOCIUM Benefits Advisor Services is a distinctly different group marketing support organization with an extensive network of associated consultants and industry professionals. We represent the majority of the Canadian providers of group insurance benefits and related market segments on behalf of our agents/brokers/consultants. We have unsurpassed knowledge in the group insurance field and effectively apply this knowledge to ensure our brokers can serve their clients to the best of their abilities. As a TPA, we are positioned to offer specific group benefit products to better address client needs.

The following is a list of our services:

  1. Provide training and CE Credit sessions for ABCs on group benefit plans, new or related products, including up-to-date information on legislative changes and specific carrier announcements. 
  2. Initial review and comprehensive analysis of the client’s benefit program, providing advice and recommendations on alternative benefit plan design inclusive of competitive information. 
  3. Evaluation of the current underwriting provisions, financial and risk-sharing arrangements vis-à-vis the clients profile and risk tolerance indication. 
  4. Prepare comprehensive specifications for release to the marketplace, including identifying and recommending the best or most appropriate providers to meet the client’s specific needs. 
  5. Provide full assistance with plan implementation, enrolment & communication, including required documentation when change in carriers is recommended. Subsequent review of billings, contracts and booklet wording prior to delivery to the ABCs. 
  6. On-going support and plan management, including advice and recommendations on cost containment initiatives, benefit redesign, drug plan alternatives or formulary management, plus any other priorities identified by ABCs and their client. 
  7. Review, analysis and negotiation of renewal rates and financial arrangements with the carriers. 
  8. Assistance with resolution of complex claim issues facilitated by our extensive knowledge of plan provisions and supported by our excellent carrier relationships. 
  9. Advice and assistance with early intervention and absence and disability management practices. 
  10. Provide supplementary support materials to assist ABCs in soliciting employee benefit clients. 
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