On Boarding Package

On Boarding Package

Recruitment can be costly by the time you factor in what’s paid out in search related fees, your time invested in the selection process and loss productivity while you search for the right candidate. Smart employers recognize the value of an on boarding process for reducing the frequency of their recruitment efforts – and costs. A well thought out on boarding process helps new hires fit into your workplace culture more easily so they can become productive faster!

Work Steps with Key Activities and Outcomes

  1. Advisory time with HR Consultant
    Process map orientation
    Customize employee and supervisor checklist
    Assist with on boarding logistics
  2. Facilitate on boarding including employee file documentation
    Offer letter
    Review job description, benefits and payroll setup
    Policy review and sign off
  3. Three week check-in: solicit hiring manager input and advise on HR next steps


  • HR policy manual in place
  • Employment contract already developed
  • Job description available

Costs based on 1 employee

Cost: $649

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