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Dec 2022 – Employment Insurance Program Changes, Recruitment In Today’s Evolving Labour Market, Retain employees with a Co-operators Group RRSP/TFSA, Grand & Toy: Be winter ready, create an ergonomic workspace and 2023 calendars and planners
Oct 2022 – Attract Employees with Group Benefits, G&T Calendars, Entrance Matting, Cybersecurity Webinars

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2022 Editions

Jan 2022 – Group Benefits: Top Questions We’re Being Asked – Travel, EAP, Dependents, Respect in the Workplace, Scams and Fraud: Listen to your voice of reason, What does a Co-operators Group RRSP / TFSA offer? Grand & Toy: Tips, trends and best practices for all areas of your operation
Feb 2022 – Taxability of Employee Benefit Plan, Effective Recruitment Tips, Managing Conflict: At Home and Work, Grand & toy: Return Ready
Mar 2022 – False Insurance Claims Cost Everyone, Enrolling New Employees, ASSOCIUM Can Help with Remote Work Policies, Paying Taxes Online at CRA, Grand & Toy: Tax Time Solutions
April 2022 – Managing Change, RRSP Limits, G&T Ergonomic Shop, Why you Should Choose a Beneficiary, Wills and POA
July 2022 – Salary Updates, Job Evaluation, G&T Indoor Air Quality, Ways to Collaborate, Breakroom
Aug 2022 – Grand & Toy – Paper, Breakroom, Technology and Furniture
Oct 2022 – Attract Employees with Group Benefits, G&T Calendars, Entrance Matting, Cybersecurity Webinars
Dec 2022 – Employment Insurance Program Changes, Recruitment In Today’s Evolving Labour Market, Retain employees with a Co-operators Group RRSP/TFSA, Grand & Toy: Be winter ready, create an ergonomic workspace and 2023 calendars and planners

2021 Editions

January 2021– Out of Country Coverage, Work from Anywhere Solutions from Grand & Toy, Protect your Organization with a Smart Security System
February 2021 – How Dental Rates are Renewed, What is Insomnia? Congregant Care Settings, Know Who You’re Hiring, How Fast can your Password be Hacked? Canadian Hosted Cloud Phone and Video System
March 2021 – Taxability of Your Benefit Plan, HR Pay Equity, Grand & Toy: TruSens Air Purifiers, Medline Medical Mart: SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test
April 2021 – HumanaCare – EAP Powered by Snapclarity, Lung Health Foundation: Indoor Air Quality, Human Resources: Payroll Outsourcing, TruSens Air Purifiers, Grand & Toy: Quartet® Work from Anywhere, Medline Medical Mart Rapid Covid Tests
May 2021 – Remote Work Considerations, Why you Should Choose a Beneficiary, The MDM Mobile App, Grand & Toy: TruSens Smart Air Purifiers, Back To Business Safety Solutions
June 2021 – Waiving Premiums, Combat Burnout and Top HR Questions, Workplace Health and Safety, Group RRSP and TFSA
Oct 2021 – Reimagine your workplace guide, Rapid response Covid-19 antigen test kit, 2022 calendars & planners
Dec 2021 – Enrolling New Employees, What is Human Resources, HR: Top Questions We’re Being Asked, Grand & Toy: Technology, Winter Weather and Air Care

Newsletter Archive

Read past issues of the ASSOCIUM Advisor newsletter.

2020 Editions

January 2020 – HR Year in Review, Insurance for Heritage Buildings, SAD
February 2020 – HR, Group Benefits, CE Credits, Ranitidine Recall
March 2020 – Insurance Fraud, Ransomware and Coronavirus
April 2020 – Mobile App, COVID-19 Economic Response Plan, Signage
May 2020 – Reopening the Economy, Seal Shield, Laptop Drive, CE Credits for Advisors, Specialty Drug Management, Allergies
June 2020 – People are the most valuable resource of any organization, Human Resources, Health Benefits, Employee Assistance Plan, Group RRSP
July 2020 – Employee Benefit Plans and COVID-19, Returning to the Workplace FAQ, Medline | Medical Mart PPE Solutions and Disposal, Grand & Toy COVID-19 Supply Chain and Work from Home Solutions, Tech Tips for Video Meetings, Ask the Pharmacist: Insect Bites and Stings
August 2020 – Employee Benefit Plans and Drug Trends, Naloxone a Lifesaving Medication, Sustainable Funding Through Social Enterprise, Save Time and Money with ShipTime, Grand & Toy – Work from Home Solutions, Mail, Pack & Ship
September 2020 – Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation, Ask the Pharmacist: Vitamin D, COVID-19 Screening Tool for Ontario Workplaces, Grand & Toy Interiors – Consult, design and install, Keep in Constant Contact
October 2020 – Covering Dependents, Ask the Pharmacist: Flu Vaccines, The Importance of Employment Contracts, Grand & Toy – Practice Enhanced Cleaning, Blue-Pencil Information Security, Canada Life: Help Give Small Businesses a Boost
November 2020 – Renewing Your Benefits Plan During COVID, Diversity and Employment Equity, Grand & Toy – 2021 Calendars & Planners, A Holiday Concert with SKETCH and the Huron Carole!
December 2020 – Burnout – It’s real, tips to manage, Ask the Pharmacist: COVID-19 Vaccines, Human Resources – Recruitment and On-Boarding, RRSP and TFSA – What is the difference? Thank You from ASSOCIUM

2019 Editions

January 2019 – OHIP+ Changes April 2019, Top 5 Security Threats, Travel Medicine, Employment Contracts
February 2019 – False Insurance Claims Cost Everyone, Pension Plans and Group RRSPs, Outsourcing HR, Medicinal Cannabis and Migraines
March 2019 – Employee Booklets, Cyber Liability Protection, OHIP+ Reminder, Cannabis and the Aging Population
April 2019 – Mental Health in Workplace, The Endocannabinoid System, What are You Putting in Your Printer?
May 2019 – Trends in Drug Claims, Options for Treating Pain, Shipping Solutions
June 2019 – Travel Insurance, Setting Objectives and Cloud Phone Systems
July 2019 – Group Benefits and Motor Vehicle Accidents, WSIB Review, Office Ergonomics
August 2019 – Beneficiary Designation, Medical Cannabis Pilot Program, Cloud Computing
September 2019 – Covering Dependents, Compliance Packaging, Moving, Renovating, Expanding?
October 2019 – WSIB Rate Framework Change, Flu Vaccines, GAIN a Little Holiday Spirit
November 2019 – Respect in the Workplace, Planned Giving
December 2019 – Year End Review and Predictions for the Upcoming Year

2018 Editions

February 2018 – Salary Increases, Free HR Solutions, Labour Laws
March 2018 – Mental Health, Sexual Harassment and Cannabis in the Workplace
April 2018 – Drug Report: Biologics and Biosimilars
May 2018 – Why was that insurance claim declined? HR in Box Solutions, Misconceptions about Medical Cannabis, Naloxone
June 2018 – Bill 3, The Pay Transparency Act, Golf Fundraiser Aug 16
July 2018 – Employee-Paid Long Term Disability Coverage
August 2018 – Adding New Employees, New Partner HumanaCare
September 2018 – Go Green, Sleep Better, Nasty Insurance Renewals
October 2018 – Beneficiary Designation, Compensation Management
November 2018 – Conversion Privileges, Bill 47, Reduce Records Storage Costs
December 2018 – Benefits – Is use it or lose it the right approach?

2017 Editions

January 2017 – New Projects or Initiatives for 2017? HR Expertise, You Made a Difference!
February 2017 – Sector Convergence, Manage Print and Shredding
March 2017 – Insurance Fraud, Supplements: Side Effects and Drug Interactions
April 2017 – Timely Employee Enrolment and Termination
May 2017 – Usual and Customary Fees, Precarious Employment
June 2017 – Benefits Trends, Accounting Help, HR Risk Management
July 2017 – New Plan Enrolment, Skills Imbalance, Medical Cannabis
August 2017 – Specialty Drug Program, Nonprofit Employer of Choice Award
September 2017 – Bill 148, The Nasty Renewal
October 2017 – Is it time to review your beneficiary designation?
November 2017 – Compliance Packaging, Employment Contracts and Retirement Income Sources
December 2017 – What is OHIP+

2016 Editions

January 2016 -A Review of 2015, Taxability of Your Employee Benefit Plan, Random Acts of Kindness
February 2016 – Beneficiaries, Job Evaluations, Phone Systems and Ask the Pharmacist
March 2016 – Student Benefit Travel Plans, Travel Medicine and Pack a Health Travel Kit
April 2016 – Dependents, Spring Cleaning for the Soul and Events
May 2016 – Severance and Benefits, Entrepreneurial Fundraising, Protect Your Data
June 2016 – Reducing Benefit Costs, Shared Services, Group Purchasing
July 2016 – Short Term Disability Management, Comparison of Pension Plans
August 2016 – Long Term Disability, HR’s Violent Language
September 2016 – ASSOCIUM GAIN turns 20 years old
October 2016 – Renewals, Bill 132, Learning & Development
November 2016 – Learning & Development, Advisor Services
December 2016 – Giving Back, Incentive Pay is Coming to the Non-profit Sector

2015 Editions

January 2015 – Taxability of Your Employee Benefit Plan, The Recruitment Process
February 2015 – Biologic Drugs, The Recruitment Process Part 2 and Save the date!
April 2015 – Claims Fraud, Outsourcing HR and Social Planning Toronto
May 2015 – Ship Time, Optional Benefit Coverage Dilemma and Objective Setting
June 2015 – Golf Tournament Invite
June 2015 – Benefits, Branding, Contracts, Webinars and Golf
July 2015 – Golf Tournament, Training, Inclusion and Extended Health Study
September 2015 – The Nasty Renewal, HR and Small Business, Complimentary Procurement Assessment
October 2015 – Why was that insurance claim declined?
December 2015 – Long Term Disability Explained and Corporate Citizenship

2014 Editions

December 2014 – 30 Years, Our Divisions, Tip of the Month

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