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Co-op Taxicabs

Information about the service offerings from Co-op Cabs

Co-op Taxicab Services

Co-op Cabs is a member owned taxi co-operative whose members have been providing high quality taxicab services to persons of all physical abilities for 60 years. As a true co-operative, our owner/operators exhibit a high degree of pride of ownership, which is reflected in the service we provide and in the cleanliness and maintenance of our fleet.

With stringent and comprehensive Driver Training and Screening Programs, as well as our strict Disciplinary Policies, we produce the very best drivers in the Taxi Industry. Co-op Cabs has added Crown Taxi to our family increasing our number of vehicles to 900!

We have partner channels across Canada, so ASSOCIUM GAIN members will have the benefit of our service coast to coast!

  • Accessibility
  • On time
  • Reliability
  • Order tracking
  • Customized Billing
  • Multiple Ordering Platforms

All travel within our service boundaries is metered. All parcel deliveries and travel exceeding our boundaries can be flat rated upon request. ASSOCIUM GAIN members will receive a significant reduction off their administrative charges.

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