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Commissionaires is a leader in Canadian Background Screening Services.

Commissionaires offer a simple, quick and effective solution to protect your company’s assets, brand, people and clients. Our background checks are fast, accurate, comprehensive and compliant. All services are offered through our through our client portal which is user friendly, efficient, effective and available 24/7 on any mobile device or computer.

This is the smartest way to screen applicants and ensure you are protecting your company or organization.

Our services portfolio includes:

  • Online Criminal Record Check / Police Background Checks (CPIC)
  • RCMP Certified Digital Fingerprinting and Ink-and-roll
  • Credit Bureau Inquiry with Identity Cross-Check
  • Employment Verification
  • Education and Credential Verification
  • Social Media Scan
  • Drivers Abstracts
  • US Entry Waivers & Pardons (Record Suspensions)

Commissionaires personal background checks and clearances include a full range of identification services ideal for:

  • Employment
  • Citizenship
  • Volunteers (non-vulnerable sector)
  • Visas/Foreign Employment
  • Immigration
  • Adoption

Background Checks and Clearance Services

Online Criminal Record Check / Police Background Checks (CPIC)

We proudly offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry with results sent within 15 minutes.

A comprehensive criminal background check can be invaluable when determining if a new candidate is right for your organization. 10% of people have a criminal conviction of some sort and many more have had serious negative incidents with law enforcement.

When hiring new employees it is important that you know what type of moral character they have, otherwise you can leave your company and employees open to harassment, theft, assaults, drugs and fraud.

Commissionaires performs name and date-of-birth police record checks against the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database through our partnership with a Canadian police agency.

A CPIC Check provides a fast, inexpensive verification of whether an individual has a criminal record.  Get your results within 15 minutes!

Digital Fingerprinting and Ink-And-Roll

With 50 fingerprinting offices spanning coast to coast we serve clients in over 1200 communities.

Digital fingerprinting is a fast, efficient way to get certified criminal record results directly from the RCMP. Commissionaires is an accredited RCMP fingerprint agency. Our fingerprint transmissions go through the Commissionaires Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS)-certified and secure server, directly to the RCMP.

The results are processed in 72 hours and then sent by mail to you or an identified third party if no convictions are found on your record. Ink-and-roll fingerprinting is available where required or to service remote areas.

Credit Bureau Inquiry with Identity Cross-Check

A credit bureau inquiry can help you gain insight into a person’s fit for your organization. This is particularly important if your candidate is required to handle cash, credit or other sensitive information. Credit records can also offer valuable insight to landlords when performing tenant screening.

A proper credit check will allow you to assess the candidate’s financial status and lower the risks involved in hiring someone who is under financial stress. A credit check provides details on bankruptcies, collections, liens and credit rating. It can also confirm your candidate’s full name, Social Insurance Number (SIN), address and date of birth. A complete search of a Canadian Credit Bureau which will return a report on bankruptcies, collections and other credit trade lines.

Employment Verification

Proper employment verification checks prove dates of former employment, positions held and reasons for departure. We confirm by speaking to a manager, payroll or human resources personnel. These can also give you employment profiles on items such as the candidate’s duties, salary, performance and more.

Education and Credential Verification

Typical education verifications look at a candidate’s high school, undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees. We make sure your potential new-hire actually has the educational background necessary to perform well in their new role.

We can also run checks to determine whether your new employees have the professional licenses or credentials required for certain positions. Along with confirming an applicant’s competency within a specific field, these checks give you legal protection in cases where a specific license is required by law.

Hiring a well-educated, well-trained workforce can be key to your company’s success and future growth. A thorough background check will help guarantee you’re hiring the right candidates to meet these goals.

Social Media Scan

A social media check uses a hybrid of both technology and human review the scan confirmed candidate social media accounts. You will receive screen shots of any potentially illegal activity, potentially violent conduct, sexually explicit material and demonstrations of racism/intolerance. We use open source intelligence only. We deliver information you can use from the sites while filtering out all other personal information that could be debated.

Drivers Abstracts

If your organization employs drivers, or has company vehicles, a proper search helps ensure that you are hiring responsible drivers. Results may shed light on a potential employee’s history of impaired driving, speeding, reckless driving, driver’s license details, active suspensions, status of license and fines.

Are you thinking about running a driver’s abstract on a new employee? This can be a tedious and costly exercise, but with our driver’s abstracts service, it doesn’t have to be. Our secure and reliable process brings you this information quickly and affordably, allowing you to hire better-qualified staff and reduce organizational turnover.

Us Entry Waivers

If you have a criminal record, you may need advanced permission to enter the US – in the form of a US entry waiver (sometimes called a US travel waiver or a US waiver). If you have a pardon, you may still require a waiver.

Records of criminal convictions are kept in the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), database which is connected to the US National Crime Information Center (NCIC), database. A US entry waiver can resolve issues related to cross-border travel.

Commissionaires can assist you in obtaining a US entry waiver by obtaining all court and police records to assist in preparing your application. We can also take your digital fingerprints as a first step in the application process.

Pardons (Record Suspensions)

A criminal record can cause you to suffer discrimination, restricted freedom and lost opportunities. If the requisite time has passed since completion of your sentence and all fines and restitution have been paid, you can apply for a pardon (record suspension) – and Commissionaires can help.

Commissionaires will obtain all records and complete all forms for you to sign and keep you informed at each stage in the process. All records are returned to you when the pardon process is complete and all information remains confidential. We do the research and communicate with the judicial system to prepare and complete your application package, including:

  • Take digital fingerprints
  • Obtain court documents
  • Obtain relevant citizenship documents
  • Obtain local police records
  • Obtain military conduct sheets (if applicable)
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