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Do More For Your Cause With Email Marketing

The Email Marketing Success Guide

Email marketing can help you get the word out about your cause and a recent study says 38% of online donors are inspired to give from an email.

Your donors, supporters and volunteers wake up every morning and check their email. More than half of all emails are now read on a mobile device, and over 200 billion emails are sent each day.

Your message should be there too!

Follow this step-by-step plan to send emails your readers will love that drive action to reach your communication and fundraising goals.

  • Plan
  • Design
  • Create
  • Measure
  • Grow

Make a PLAN!

It’s easier to make an excuse
than to make a PLAN!

  1. Start with your organization’s most significant goals
  2. Fill in key dates and programs
  3. Block out content ideas that you can fill in each issue (events, success stories, profiles)
  4. Plot email dates into your calendar

Design the look

Focus only on the essential elements necessary to convey your message and move your contacts toward taking a specific action that measurably supports your organization. To create a marketing email that successfully drives action, include these essential elements.

  1. Clear information on who the email is from, subject line and header
  2. Organization logo and colours
  3. Attention-grabbing image that pulls the reader in to read the next section
  4. Concise well written message
  5. Call to Action (CTA)
  6. Footer with address identifying the sender and an unsubscribe link
    (it’s the law under CASL)

Create the message

Answer these 3 simple questions to tell a story that leads your reader to action:

  1. What are you trying to accomplish?
    HEADLINE – State the purpose of your message—right in your headline. Whether it’s about the people your organization serves or your donors and volunteers directly, readers should be able to understand the focus of your message in seconds.
  2. Why should the reader care?
    MESSAGE BODY – Below your headline, write a few sentences to elaborate on the problem. Provide the relevant details and explain why they matter to your reader. Exclude any information that doesn’t help your reader take the action you want them to take.
  3. How can the reader get involved?
    CALL TO ACTION – Invite your reader to take part in solving the problem. Tell readers the next step they should take. This invitation becomes your call to action: feed a hungry child, give clean water, stop the hate, volunteer, donate, etc.

Measure the results

If you want to accurately understand the impact of your emails, you’ll need the do three things:

  1. Analyze your email reports
  2. Assess how your emails are supporting your organization’s goals identified in your plan
  3. Adjust your strategy accordingly

Grow your list

The more people you have on your contact list, the more people you have to rally around your cause. For this reason, you should always be looking for more people to give you their contact information. Then you’ll be able to reach them in a place they visit every day — the inbox.

There are over 50 ways to grow your email list and it depends on how you interact with people as to which is the best one for your organization.

What’s Next? Help me with my email campaign.

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