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You Get What You Pay For

As a small business owner, you work long hours to realize business success. The road to success will involve tapping the expertise of many professionals along the way as your business grows.

It goes without saying that their expertise is only meaningful after they spend some time getting to know your business model and priorities.  There are two key reasons why employment lawyers, for example, will not give advice without satisfying their need for understanding your business operations and/or the particulars of a specific situation. The first is obvious: customized advice requires familiarity with your business and employment context. The second is not so obvious – they know what questions to ask beyond what you offer or think you need. The former helps them manage their risk; the latter helps them manage your risk.

At ASSOCIUM Consultants we used an evidence-based approach to support your business success. We integrate your input and our expertise to effectively manage your HR risks and prioritize your HR needs – so you can focus on the bottom line. We know, for example, which pieces of workplace legislation impact your business based on your employee count – and their points of intersection. We also understand all critical employee touchpoints (e.g. termination) that can lead to unnecessary costs over and beyond the employment duration – they are not always the ones you think.

You’ll Pay For What You Didn’t Get

If you are a small business and considering a “HR in a Box” solution, first visit an employment lawyer website and scroll through some of their case law scenarios on topics like employment standards and workplace management. These are all too typical of insufficiently considered HR decisions by employers.

While support functions like HR, Finance, Marketing – even Legal – use templates and checklists to support their service delivery approaches, to protect your business, you need to be mindful of companies that market these tools as a replacement for functional expertise.

Get It Right The First Time

Managing your HR needs (assuming you understand the differences between those and employee needs) through downloadable solutions is nothing more than an exercise in cost management. Alternatively, seeking professional HR advice is an investment that will help you manage risk and control costs over the longer term – so you can focus on growing your business.


Through our collaborative approaches, innovative HR products and customized advisory solutions we impact four leadership priorities: managing risk, driving productivity, strengthening talent capabilities and supporting your bottom line. Let’s connect to find out how ASSOCIUM Consultants can help your organization.

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