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What are You Putting in Your Printer?

Did you know?

Over 350 million ink & toner cartridges are discarded into North American landfills – with that number rising 12% annually. Source: Statistics Canada

Original Equipment vs Remanufactured vs Newly Built Compatible

What does it all mean?

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) – Toner is made by the manufacturer of the printer. Some OEMs also create an OEM brand of remanufactured toner.
  • Remanufactured (REMAN) – Toners are a result of cost-effective repair and reuse of empty OEM cartridges. Clover is Grand & Toy’s trusted leading manufacture for all REMAN toners.
  • NBC (Newly Built Compatible) – Manufactures build new cartridges from scratch and design them to fit popular printer models.

Don’t be tantalized by the low-priced offers from NBC manufacturers. There are risks involved that fall into three broad categories legal concerns, quality concerns and environmental issues. Unlike NBC cartridges, which are made from 100% non- OEM material, Clover remanufactured cartridges reuse not just OEM casings, but also OEM gears, electrical contacts, rollers, bearings, pins, seals, and countless other OEM components frequently covered by OEM patents.

Those who are making, importing and selling NBC cartridges will continue to be plagued by OEM patent enforcement activity. Legally, there is a key difference between remanufacturing an existing cartridge to extend its full life use and simply building and selling a brand-new cartridge that replaces the original.

One of the benefits of being an ASSOCIUM GAIN member is having access to big deal costing through OEM HP toner. HP conducts superior testing and offers HP JetIntelligence technology, giving you more pages, performance and protection. Benefits include:

  • Quality
  • Anti-Fraud Technology
  • Print Gauge Technology
  • Auto Seal Removal
  • Less Energy Use

Did you know installing a clone cartridge can potentially open a gateway into your network through the firewall?

Sustainability & Environmental Footprint

NBC cartridges have consistently been shown to exceed EPEAT emission limits. HP conducted a study and found that 53 percent of NBC cartridges they tested emitted more than the allowed standard of styrene in regular operation. Up to 60 percent produced more particles than allowed by EPEAT indoor emissions standards, and all tested NBC cartridges released more volatile organic compounds than regulations permit. The study further found that NBC cartridges led to increased ink and paper waste due to the inferior quality of the prints they produce. End-users printing with these cartridges used 29 percent more paper to get jobs done than they would have otherwise, using 40 percent more energy and producing a 55 percent larger carbon footprint in the process. Cartridge remanufacturing is inherently environmentally friendly, since it reuses products that would otherwise become part of the corporate waste stream.

Clover remanufactured print cartridges require 44 percent fewer natural resources to produce, have a 51 percent small environmental impact, and generate a 48 percent smaller energy demand than OEM equivalents.

THINK is Grand & Toy’s ink & toner recycling solution for the office.

We will collect your empty ink & toner cartridges and remanufacture them where possible – recycling all others that cannot go through the remanufacturing process. Learn more about this program here: https://www.grandandtoy.com/en/sites/core/think-overview.aspx

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