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How to Spot Ransomware… before it’s too late


Hackers are very nice… with no prejudice, they target everyone equally, and no organization is not immune to such attacks.

A ransomware is a little program (aka virus) that will encrypt all of your files AND any shared company drive that you happen to be connected to at that time. The hacker then leaves a file asking for a ransom ($) in order to recover the files.

Four levels of protection are needed to be effective and safe:

  1. A network firewall blocks most attacks at the front door of the company
  2. Antivirus with sophisticated monitoring is running on all machines
  3. Market leading anti-spam protects the email system
  4. YOU are needed to be on the lookout for any suspicious email or link.

Where ransomware lurks and what to look for:

  • Zipped files or documents sent via email from an unknown source -> verify with the sender by phone first, or simply delete the mail.
  • Some other popular files including viruses are disguised as a resume or a possible invoice. If a security warning asks about enabling a macro, please ensure you trust the source and file before clicking yes.
  • Ransomware can also be downloaded from unknown websites offering free stuff or contests or other attractive offer.

This tech tip was provided by Sylvain Boyer, CEO of Nuvollo. Nuvollo is ASSOCIUM GAIN’s partner offering managed IT and cloud services in Canada.

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