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Commercial Cleaning

Jani-King Commercial Cleaning


Unmatched commitment to living a better life and their superior support are just a few of the reasons Jani-king has been selected to deliver commercial cleaning to ASSOCIUM GAIN members.

Jani-King is the Standard for Clean

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, the one thing that powers companies forward is their commitment to customer satisfaction. That’s what has been driving Jani-King commercial cleaning for the last 40 years. Spotless is our standard and it has been integral to our success.

With more than 120 regional support offices worldwide, our owner-operator concept produces dedicated people whose futures depend upon fulfilling your facility’s cleaning and maintenance service needs. Every Jani-King regional office is staffed with experts in operations and customer service whose primary responsibility is ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

Jani-King Commercial Cleaning provides:

  • A superior clean through our “Double Check” system to ensure accountability each and every time
  • A local operations team on-call 24 hours a day, willing to work at a moment’s notice
  • A safe “green” clean with environmentally friendly HEPA vacuums and microfiber dusting cloths
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