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Work from anywhere solutions that will assist in staying safer and more comfortable during these challenging times.

Air purifiers, glass writing surfaces and ergonomic computer products

TruSens™ Air Purifiers with 360-Degree Dupont TRUE HEPA Filter and SensorPod Air Quality Monitor
Kensington® ergonomic computer products. Kensington’s SmartFit system enables you to customize your work environment to get maximum comfort from your desktop accessories.

TruSens™ Air Purifiers with 360-Degree Dupont TRUE HEPA Filter and SensorPod Air Quality Monitor
With advanced air purifier technology, simple controls, and Dupont™ filtration, TruSens improves air quality. The streamlined design and size options make TruSens an ideal addition to any home or work environment.
Choosing The Right TruSens Air Purifier

  • Z1000 (small) 250 sq. ft.
  • Z2000 (medium) 375 sq. ft.
  • Z3000 (large) 750 sq. ft.

TruSens data sheets, specs and pricing on grandandtoy.com.

Performance Series Air Purifiers

TruSens Performance Series Air Purifiers deliver complete coverage with powerful Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) performance designed to improve indoor air quality in professional large spaces. Ideal for offices, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, and restaurants.

The Z-7000 is recommended for spaces up to 2,000 sq ft at 2 air changes per hour (ACH) and has a maximum Smoke CADR of 519 cfm. The Z-6000 is recommended for up to 1,750 sq ft spaces at 2 ACH and has a maximum Smoke CADR of 485 cfm.

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TruSens Spec in PDF

Quartet® Work from Anywhere

Scheduling Tips
Stick to a schedule! Maintaining consistency will assist in preparing for your day and will set you up for a successful and productive workday.
Step Away! Downtime is important to reset and recharge. Communicate with your colleagues on when you’ll be away. Even schedule your downtime if necessary.

Quartet® has a variety of solutions for your work space

  • Glass memo pads, desktop dry erase panels and planner boards
  • All sorts of whiteboards, easels, signs and chalkboards
  • Rolling mobile partitions/room dividers for cubicles and shared spaces
  • Infection control kiosk

Browse Quartet® at Grand & Toy

Quartet® Desktop Glass™ Dry-Erase Boards and accessories using non-absorbent glass that is easy to keep clean

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