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Finding the Best Shipping Service for Your Money

Ship time

The right shipping service for you depends on one thing; how much easier it makes your life. In today’s information age, we want everything faster. So why take exception when it comes to sending parcels?

Managing time and cost is so critical for a non-profit and shipping out boxes and packages is not what you want to spend your time doing.  Also, finding the best price and most efficient service is a whole other challenge in and of itself. So, finding a shipping service provider who will make this as painless as possible will make your life that much easier.

What to Look for in a Shipping Service these Days

Alright so you should expect more features regarding your delivery service. Some third-party shipping providers are streamlining the entire process with easy-to-use mobile interfaces and auto populating based on previous shipments.

Mobile First Design

It seems like there’s a mobile solution for everything these days and third-party shipping services stay the course. If your shipping service doesn’t have a mobile interface for your shipping management, it’s time to consider one who does.

ShipTime, for example, provides a mobile-first end-user interface designed around improving user experience. The mobile-friendly feature works on any browser using any device to provide quick quotes using Google Maps. Letting you ship from your iPad, iPhone, mobile device or even your smart TV, the ShipTime solution gives you access to information in fewer steps so you can ship and track faster on the go.

Repeat Shipments

If you ship often to a customer, vendor or partner, using an interface with a repeat-shipments option will make your life much simpler. With a repeat-shipments option, you’re able to easily skip the steps of filling out addresses you’ve already shipped to and re-create any previous shipment in seconds– all in one click.

Shipping Dashboard Interface

Allowing you to visualize your shipping history while optimizing your savings, a dashboard interface is fundamental to a 360º understanding of your shipping operations.

Knowing what’s available for making your shipping operations more efficient allows you to make more informed business decisions. Streamlined functionality is the foundation to your end-user satisfaction. 

Organizations such as ShipTime.com work in conjunction with express courier providers– of your choice– and special loyalty programs. They take care of all the details with turn-key and fully supported programs. They also offer a refer-a-friend program, ShipCash and Heroic Support that are always happy to help! 

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