Termination Package

Termination Package

Terminating an employee can be a costly experience if you rely on template solutions or, worse, get a call from an employment lawyer representing the employee. There are many things an employer should do in anticipation of terminating an employee – all of which can impact the final costs and your company’s reputation in the marketplace. We designed this package to help you terminate an employee in a compliant, expedient and respectful manner. 

Work Steps with Key Activities and Outcomes

  1. Advisory time with HR Consultant
    Data collection
    Policy review (Benefits, Termination, EAP, ESA) 
    Review employee file documentation
  2. Develop action steps; legal case management if required
    Review termination letter with employee
    Follow planned exit strategy to minimize peer interaction
  3. Close employee file; terminate systems access (e.g. computer)


  • HR Policy manual in place
  • Employment contract already developed

Costs based on 1 employee

Cost: $649

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