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Cloud Computing

The term “in the cloud” really means an infrastructure which allows for delivery of computing services on demand, with unlimited information technology (IT) resources. Storage, networks and business applications can be managed and configured with minimum administration. Simply put, it’s a relocation of on-premise servers (and sometimes IT staff) to a virtual environment.

Cloud computing includes 3 major advancements:

  1. Virtualization of an environment (much smaller space and smaller costs)
  2. Simplified accessibility of resources (from the office, from the road, from any device)
  3. Management production (analytics possible on just about any metric)

The top 8 benefits of cloud computing are:

  1. Synchronization of data – sync files and folders securely with employees, Boards of Directors, and/or external partners, etc.
  2. Space savings – no longer a need for racks of servers and batteries with extensive cooling and backup power requirements.
  3. Improved security – security has become a critical factor in any organization’s IT infrastructure and processes.  Cloud computing allows for best practices with many levels of security.
  4. Increased availability – purpose-built datacentres and server farms allow for automated failover and reduced downtime on applications and servers.
  5. Dynamic resources – scaling up or down is as easy as pressing a button with the cloud, helping manage predictable costs for IT.
  6. No need to manage an IT team – without on premise servers and applications to run and support and update, organizations can focus on what they do best.
  7. Service Level Agreement (SLA) – most cloud services come with a SLA.  SLAs can be negotiated to meet the specific needs of an organization.
  8. Work with qualified experts – IT needs have expanded over the last few decades, from having a few computers, to extensive websites with e-commerce, different storage needs, backup internet connectivity and multiple levels of security throughout.

Security in IT has been top of mind for a few years, and the average cost per incident is over $5M, or $199 per compromised record (according to the Ponemon Institute “2018 Cost of Data Breach Study”).   Do you have a properly configured firewall on your network? An antivirus on all endpoints too? Be prepared.

Nuvollo is a valued partner of ASSOCIUM GAIN. They act as the IT team of many non-profit organizations, financial and health care institutions. They can be your virtual Chief Information Officer, help to evaluate security and other risks in your IT systems, or provide an on-demand tech service and support for your systems.

Contact your ASSOCIUM GAIN team today to get more information or to be referred!

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