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5 Reasons to Use a Cloud Phone System

Here’s how a cloud phone system or Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) will give your organization competitive advantages.

  1. Save money and free up resources for other initiatives.

Cost efficiency is one of the best ways to gain an edge over your competitors and rethinking your phone system can be the best way to reduce your costs. For small businesses, cloud phone systems are undoubtedly more cost effective than an on-premise Private Branch Exchange (PBX). A hosted PBX or cloud phone service saves you money on:

  • Upfront costs:Hosted PBX systems are hosted in the cloud so there is no necessary PBX hardware or ancillary pieces and therefore no cost for hardware or installation.
  • Maintenance costs:Hosted PBX systems unload the maintenance responsibility onto your service provider so you no longer have to incur ongoing IT expenses throughout the lifespan of your system.
  • Unnecessary Costs:Hosted PBX systems are highly scalable and allow you to pay per user. This means that as you grow you can take on a bigger system and vice versa if you need to scale back. On-premise systems, on the other hand, have static capabilities so companies often overbuy to compensate for potential growth and therefore end up paying for unneeded capacity.
  1. Improve internal communication to make your team more productive.

Cloud phone services offer features like chat, voicemail to email and cell phone applications to make internal communications more efficient. Bypass the tedious task of emailing fellow team members, checking your voicemail manually and being tied to your desk. By making your internal communications easier and faster your employees will be more productive but also happy to be using modern and seamless technology.

  1. Be available anywhere, anytime with remote working capabilities.

Outplay your competitors by offering your employees the freedom to work from home, the cottage or on the road. Hosted PBX systems have applications that turn your cell phone or computer into a fully functioning office phone and allow your customers to reach you wherever you are. This way you can offer support during untraditional hours and can support workers who need to be outside of the office without compromising effectiveness or creating a complicated front for customers. This makes for happier employees and more satisfied customers.

  1. Enhance your customer experience by integrating your CRM with your phone system.

Cloud phone systems allow you to integrate your CRM solution into your phone system. This allows the two applications to work together to enhance your customer interactions. This is because when they work in unison, it allows your sales team and support agents to better anticipate the customer’s needs in a more efficient way. When a customer calls in, the employee will automatically be presented with the caller information, call logs, past purchases, support tickets and other notes. This will help you personalize your calls, avoid wasting time trying to pull up customer information and gives context for the call to avoid redundancy. All of these elements lead to a smoother and more efficient call and overall a more positive customer experience.

  1. Have a built-in disaster recovery plan to maintain business continuity.

Outshine your competitors by always being available in the case of unforeseen events without missing a beat. Cloud phone services allow you to easily route your calls to alternate devices or offices anytime something goes wrong. This ensures you can always be reached without changing any numbers or suffering from downtime. Ultimately, your customers remain oblivious to any issues on your end, and you remain available throughout disasters. The built-in back up plan capabilities, alleviate the need to seek out third-party disaster recovery software or invest large sums into backup lines.

To learn more about how a cloud phone service can enhance your business and give you that extra edge please contact an ASSOCIUM GAIN Team Member today!

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