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Group RRSP

Advantage Through Partnership

Group RRSP


What does a Co-operators Group RRSP offer?

As the Canadian population ages, saving for retirement has become more important. Together with the Co-operators, ASSOCIUM Advantage offers a simple and effective way for organizations of any size to support their employees. We offer a simple and effective way for employers to provide organization sponsored Group Registered Retirement Savings Plans to encourage employees to save for their future. GRRSPs help to build retention within organizations.

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What are the benefits for ASSOCIUM Advantage members?

Employees enrolled in this plan have no administration fees, low management fees and a wide range of investment options under one plan. In addition, employers are not required to contribute to the plan.

Finally, ASSOCIUM members have access to an online account management tools, allowing both members and plan sponsors to verify contributions, transfer funds and access investment information.

The Co-operators is Canadian owned and operated, serving over 2 million people nationwide.

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