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Landlines and Cloud Phone Systems


GAINtel Cloud Phone System – Work From Anywhere Phone System

The GAINtel Cloud phone system provides your organization with the advanced telecom capabilities of a large organization, without any large capital costs.

Cloud Phone Features:

  • Auto Attendant – routes incoming calls to staff or volunteers phones. This can be easily adapted to users working from home.
  • Find-Me / Follow-Me – calls can simultaneously ring all of the user’s devices.
  • Any Device* – Use an IP Phone, a PC or MAC softphone, or an IOS or Android App to make calls, send SMS messages, and check voicemail.
  • Visual Voicemail – See messages in your inbox, and have those messages transcribed.
  • Simplified Management – use of a cloud management portal to make Moves, Adds, & Changes on your own, without expensive service fees.
  • Call Queues – Setup queues for volunteer banks or funding drives.
  • Stats and Dashboards – Quickly see how call queues are performing.
  • SMS Management – Send and receive SMS Messages from your phone system, and setup SMS Queues.
  • 24/7 Bilingual Tech Support – Expert help available whenever you need it.
  • Fast Setup – Phone system can be setup in as little as 48 hours.
  • Plus dozens of other features.

What does GAINtel offer?

  • GAINtel offers advanced cloud phone services, local line service, high speed internet, toll free numbers, and long distance services.

What are the benefits to ASSOCIUM GAIN members?

  • Preferred rates for services
  • Convenience
  • Service transfer without disruption
  • Environmentally friendly electronic invoicing

Who can use GAINtel?

GAINtel’s cloud phone service is available to any organization with good high speed internet, and to their users with high speed internet.  Local phone line services are available to most GAIN members, dependent on the physical location of the organization. However, GAINtel can offer long distance services to all GAIN members across Canada.      


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