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Advantage Through Partnership



Insurance coverage from a broker experienced in the private and not-for-profit sector.

What does CRE offer?

  • CRE is a Property and Casualty Insurance Brokerage which offers a complete line of insurance products to individuals, organizations and corporations. CRE’s approach tailors coverage to meet the specific needs of each unique client.
  • They specialize in hard to place risks and work with all the specialty lines of insurance companies to ensure that you and your organization are properly covered.
  • CRE has a team of insurance specialists who will ensure you all your risks are identified through a customized risk assessment and then secure options to cover those exposures. This risk assessment minimizes the potential for an uninsured loss and ensures the best value by broadening coverage while containing costs.
  • A representative will assess risk based on a site visit or conference call and present options to meet those needs.
  • Having a better understanding of the needs of the ASSOCIUM GAIN member, CRE has developed a specific program with underwriters which is tailored for the ASSCOCIUM GAIN member.
  • CRE has a number of insurance company options that are able to provide coverages like Medical Malpractice, Abuse, Legal Defense Costs, Employment Practices Liability, Cyber Liability and Errors & Omissions coverage to name a few.
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