What does GAINtel offer?

  • GAINtel provides access to local phone lines and toll free lines, as well as long distance services.

What are the benefits to ASSOCIUM GAIN members?

  • Preferred rates for business lines
  • Convenience:
    • GAIN has conducted the market research
    • Phone lines can be transferred without any disruption to your regular service
    • Environmentally friendly electronic invoicing to increase the efficiency and ease of billing
  • Most features such as call waiting, call forwarding, and line hunting are included in the core service
  • Long distance rates can be made available for staff and volunteers’ personal use which helps with retention and recognition

Who can use GAINtel?

GAINtel’s phone line services are available to most GAIN members, dependent on the physical location organization. However, GAINtel can offer long distance services to all GAIN members across Canada.

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