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Employee Assistance Program


Take care of your employees and their well-being by offering an Employee and Family Assistance Program!

What does HumanaCare offer?

HumanaCare, is an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) providing confidential, compassionate support and counselling for individuals experiencing work-life challenges. Usually we can manage life challenges on our own but sometimes personal pressures and problems can overwhelm us and begin to disrupt our lives and may have an effect on our well-being. When you are not sure of what to do next, HumanaCare is there to help.

HumanaCare offers a full range of mental health services, resources and tools for you and your family members.

Marital and Relationship Anger Management
Stress and Anxiety Diet and Nutrition
Depression Self Esteem
Substance Abuse Work-Related Stress
Legal and Financial Harassment
Bereavement Healthcare Navigation Support
Family and Parenting Caregiving Support

People Enabling People

Counselling services cover a wide range of issues including marital and relationship support, depression, stress and anxiety, grief and bereavement or family and parenting challenges. Or maybe you or a family member is struggling with addiction and substance abuse.

If you are seeking legal advice in areas such as family law, wills, bankruptcy or estate planning we will connect you with an attorney over the phone. If you are feeling overwhelmed or are concerned about budgeting, financial planning, credit or debt management, HumanaCare will activate our financial counselling services for you.

There are many other resources that HumanaCare has to offer other than counselling services. The employee portal will give you access to a collection of health and wellness articles and videos, e-courses and assessments for personal development, webinars, newsletters, tools to track personal goals and much more. With the online portal you will have access to information on a variety of topics including anxiety, stress, depression, alcohol and drug use and crisis and trauma. The wellness section will give you access to subjects such as nutrition, exercise, sleep and meditation.

What are the benefits to ASSOCIUM GAIN members?

ASSOCIUM members receive a preferred rate.

An EFAP helps to reduce absenteeism, improve employee engagement and productivity while providing tools and support to help employees build resiliency. Contact ASSOCIUM to find out more on why HumanCare is the leader of Employee and Family Assistance Programs!

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