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A bad hire can cost you TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars. Make sure you know who you are hiring! 

As a human resources services provider we, at ASSOCIUM, understand the critical nature of the hiring the right person. The search and onboarding of qualified individuals for an organization’s workforce, when done strategically and with a clear integration of the organization’s business aspirations most often obviates the need for expensive performance interventions later and, quite simply put, saves the organization time and money on turnover.

And then on those rare occasions when even good hires just don’t work out for any number of unforeseeable reasons, it is very useful to be able to assess what transpired in order to improve internal processes. ASSOCIUM has chosen the Commissionaires as our national partner to provide this important support to our GAIN Members.

Commissionaires – Canada’s leading security and background screening company offers a simple and secure solution to protect your company’s assets, brand and people.

Pre-employment screening will:

  • Gather information from multiple sources
  • Reveal a more accurate and complete picture of the applicant
  • Identify false claims on resumes
  • Improve the quality of your hires
  • Reduce employee turnover by making informed hiring decisions
  • Reduce risk and liability associated with a bad hire
  • Fulfill a legal and moral obligation to provide a competent workforce and a safe work environment

Our web-based service is easy to use,  secure, exceptionally quick and highly effective. Your corporate users will be able to easily submit their requests in less than 60 seconds.

Commissionaires Background Screening services:

  • CPIC / Criminal Record Check with RESULTS IN 15 MINUTES $40
  • Credit Checks $30
  • Reference Checks $30
  • Employment/Education/Credential Verification $20 + Institution Fees
  • Driver Abstract $20 + Provincial Fees
  • Employee Exit Interviews $30
  • Social Media Scans $75

Contact ASSOCIUM now to find out more about Background Screening and save on fees. Let us help you eliminate uncertainty in your hiring process and ensure you are hiring right the first time.

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