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Ontario’s Roadmap Exit

On March 1, 2022, the city of Toronto lifted most of its COVID-19 vaccine mandates including most sector specific rules.

The following changes came into effect:

  • Proof of vaccination is no longer required. Organizations can implement a proof of vaccination policy voluntarily.
  • Capacity limits in indoor and outdoor gatherings have been lifted. That includes all business, public gatherings, and events.
  • Employers will not be required to actively screen employees and/or collect and maintain contact information. Organizations wishing to continue with screening can do so voluntarily. Organizations are still required to post signs that inform individuals how to screen themselves for COVID-19 before entering the building and ensure signs are visible to the public at all entrances.
  • Unless required under an existing or future direction or order from the CMOH, businesses are no longer required to have a vaccination policy.
  • Physical distancing requirements have been lifted.

The following remain in force:

  • Protective measures such as masks and face coverings in indoor public settings and screening of customers will remain in effect however there is no longer a requirement to collect and maintain contact information.
  • Safety plans must remain in place for all businesses and organizations that continue to remain open.

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