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Advantage Through Partnership


Empire Life Changes

Empire Life has signed an agreement with Express Scripts Canada (ESI) to provide Pharmacy Benefit Management Services to group clients, effective February 1, 2015. Claim Secure will no longer provide drug adjudication services.

The switch to Express Scripts Canada requires Empire to produce new benefit cards. The new cards will be sent to plan administrators in January for distribution ONLY to employees with pay-direct drug plans. This new process requires employees, and their dependents, to use the new cards and inform their pharmacist of the change. Plan enhancements will be introduced later in 2015.

On November 21, 2014, Empire forwarded a bulletin to employers confirming the process and giving them a notice of when to expect the new cards. A link to a Customer video is also included. On November 28, a second bulletin will be sent that contains a link to an Employee communication kit. Finally, in January, a Plan Administrator Instructions package will be forwarded.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the transition or process.

Changes at ASSOCIUM Advisor Services

We are now celebrating the first anniversary of ASSOCIUM GroupGuru. It has been a whirlwind of change and activity…all for the better. We have been successful in not only retaining advisors through the transition but we have grown beyond where we were a year ago. We have an excellent staff with the knowledge and experience needed to support advisors in providing clients with the best service. We have reduced the number of groups going to market or changing carriers by ensuring that value is maintained for them with their incumbent carriers. Many brokers have taken advantage of our TPA services to attract new clients with flexible and cost effective alternatives.

The merging of the TPA and MGA services has been both smooth and effective for our advisors. However, we needed a more appropriate name. We are now ASSOCIUM  Advisor Services. We are ready to offer you more than any TPA or MGA can!





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