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ASSOCIUM Community Chest

ASSOCIUM Community Chest

The ASSOCIUM Community Chest (ACC) represents our commitment to helping build sustainable communities. We believe that true equality for people comes through economic independence and the opportunity to pursue their interests with dignity and respect. The ACC seeks to help support and guide promising entrepreneurs in our communities who otherwise may never be given a chance. ASSOCIUM GAIN’s experience and partnership with the not-for-profit sector has given us a perspective on the wealth of untapped talent that can be found there; we need only afford these individuals the opportunity and tools for success.

The ASSOCIUM Community Chest is a multistep micro-funding program designed to connect people with viable business ideas with a system of support and help them build their ideas into plans for success. The most promising ideas submitted to our panel of community experts, by non-profit organizations, will be afforded the opportunity to work alongside professional consultants. Once they’ve developed practical and functional business plans, these entrepreneurs will have the chance to present their projects to a panel consisting of representatives from both the not-for-profit and private sectors. The very best project plans will be provided with micro-funding grants and the promise of consulting support for the launch and development of their business. Successful businesses growing out of the program will contribute back into the Chest, creating a cycle of community support.

The ASSOCIUM Community Chest will launch at the 12th Annual Nelson Johnson Memorial Golf Invitational. This Charity Tournament, in addition to ASSOCIUM’s other upcoming fundraising endeavours, will support the Community Chest program. We invite you to join us in supporting this great cause. To find more information or to donate, please contact Jenn Poirier at [email protected]. Or learn more in person and register your spot at the Annual Nelson Johnson Memorial Golf Tournament.

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The ASSOCIUM Community Chest (ACC) is excited to have partnered with Sketch, and their partner Cue, this year to award budding entrepreneurs with a micro grant to assist in the launch of their business.

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