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Advantage Through Partnership


Our principal, Adrian Johnson, started ASSOCIUM in 1984 as a consulting firm specializing in the areas of Human Resources and Organizational Development. Since then, ASSOCIUM has been a leader in consulting and a strong advocate for the not-for-profit sector, as well as providing services to the private and public sectors.

In 1995, ASSOCIUM surveyed not-for-profit organizations across Canada and discovered that the sector identified cost containment and business management solutions as their greatest challenges. In response to these findings, ASSOCIUM launched the GAIN Advantage Program in 1996. GAIN’s mandate is to provide its members with access to competitively priced back office products and services in order to maximize their financial resources. The goal is to work in partnership with our not-for-profit members to reduce their administrative overhead expenses, allowing them to reinvest these savings in their respective programs.

In 1997, ASSOCIUM Benefits was launched to provide an innovative and cost-effective alternative to existing employee group benefit programs. ASSOCIUM Benefits works closely with each of its clients to identify their specific requirements and to develop customized employee benefits solutions. These unique consulting services are supported by superior customer support and administration.

Today, all three ASSOCIUM services (ASSOCIUM Benefits, ASSOCIUM Consultants and GAIN) continue to work closely together to serve our clients.

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