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Employee Assistance Program

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Employee Assistance Program


Take care of your employees and their well-being by offering an Employee Assistance Program!

What does FSEAP offer?

A division of Family Services Toronto, Family Services Employee Assistance Program is a social enterprise that provides your employees and their immediate family members with access to a qualified and experienced professional who can help resolve personal and work-related problems. FSEAP offers extensive clinical resources and rich programming including counselling, workshops, critical incident response and much more:

  • Stress management
  • Bereavement/Grief
  • Emotional/Psychological problems
  • Personal and Work relationships
  • Work-Life balance
  • Parent/Child problems
  • Conflict resolution
  • Marital/Family issues
  • Substance abuse and addiction

We also offer a range of work-life services including:

•           Life CoachingFamily Connexions (support for caregivers)

•           Financial Services

•           Legal Services

•           Career Counselling

•           Nutrition Consults

•           Smoking Cessation Support

Research demonstrates that an EAP is an invaluable tool, assisting employees and workplaces to promote health and well-being, improve resilience and strengthen relationships at home and at work. This supports a safe, healthy work environment and enables organizations to improve productivity by reducing the impact of illness, absenteeism, distraction and conflict at work.

Celebrating 40 years of service, FSEAP are Canada’s first EAP provider and has led the industry in service and value. As a social enterprise, proceeds are reinvested in the community. By choosing FSEAP, you and your employees can be proud of the fact that an EAP from FSEAP means supporting another not-for-profit and giving back to the community.

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