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Employee Assistance Program

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Employee Assistance Program


Take care of your employees and their well-being by offering an Employee Assistance Program!

What does FSEAP offer?

Family Services Employee Assistance Program is a social enterprise offered by Family Services Association (FSA), that provides your employees and their immediate family members with access to a qualified and experienced professional who can help resolve personal and work-related problems. FSEAP offers counseling services, workshops and much more:

  • Managing personal and job stress
  • Coping with separation and loss
  • Addressing depression or anxiety
  • Planning growth and development
  • Balancing work and family
  • Responding to personal crises
  • Resolving conflict
  • Resolving financial worries
  • Planning professional growth and retirement 

What are the benefits to ASSOCIUM GAIN members?

ASSOCIUM members receive a preferred rate.

FSA is Canada’s only not-for-profit EAP provider and has been serving in the EAP field for over 35 years. As a social enterprise, their proceeds are reinvested in the community. By choosing FSEAP, you and your employees can be proud of the fact that an EAP from FSEAP means supporting a not-for-profit and giving back to the community.

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