Ontario Labour Laws

As our employment landscape continues to evolve, legislative changes usually follow.

Employers in turn need to ensure they are aware of such changes and their potential impact on workplace compliance and operations. Non-compliance can be costly in many ways.

As a first step, there are many resources to build awareness of the “WHAT” “WHY” and “WHEN” associated with workplace legislation.

Employment Standards Act (ESA)

Bill 148, Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017

Employment Standards Poster

Employers are required to post the most recent version (7.0) of the Employment Standards Poster published by the Minister of Labour in the workplace where it is likely to come to the attention of employees.

Find out:

  • what’s new and the topics
  • who needs to post it
  • how to get copies of it
  • what languages it’s available in

Learn more about the Employment Standards Poster on the Ontario Ministry of Labour web site.

Employment Standards Poster in English

If you need to connect the HR dots on “HOW” to implement these changes, give us a call.


By Dave Nanderam, Managing Partner, ASSOCIUM Consultants. Through our collaborative approaches, innovative HR products and customized advisory solutions we impact four leadership priorities: managing risk, driving productivity, strengthening talent capabilities and supporting your bottom line. Let’s connect to find out how ASSOCIUM Consultants can help your organization.