The Psychology of the Procurement Process (Part 1 of 3)

Non-profit organizations need innovative programming, resources, talent, and advertising just like their private sector business counterparts. More and more, Executive management are looking at the importance of fiscal planning and strategic choices for the administration of their overall procurement services….and often that choice is an ASSOCIUM GAIN membership.

Increasing costs are prompting Executive Directors, VPs of Finance and Operations to take a more active role in decisions pertaining to budgetary spend at all levels. Looking toward Cost Containment is one aspect of the Psychology of the Procurement Process. Control of expenditure is emphasized through keen budget management; an important tool for ensuring value for money, while managing output of costs.

In both the private and non-profit sectors, ensuring a good idea is economically viable is the backbone to the success of the idea.

ASSOCIUM GAIN is thrilled to play a big part of this role with our members, in helping to increase the bottom line, save huge on soft costs, introduce cost containment strategies, and streamline procurement processes on over $1 billion worth of operational budgets.

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