The Psychology of the Procurement Process (Part 2 of 3)

Most organizations are not large enough to have a team of people dedicated to procurement; organizations may though have one dedicated person – but those are few and far between. Often organizations handle procurement situationally by department or at the top – and let’s face it, senior management already have a lot on their plates. 

So what can an organization do? We assist orgs all the time creating a streamlined process.

Streamlining a procurement process is about developing specific steps to purchasing that will minimize the time between when an employee makes the initial request for an item, to when it is received by said employee, to when the bill is paid. The process is developed by taking a deeper look into the time it currently takes, the people presently involved and then identifying areas for improvement by adding channels of approval, decreasing the need for paper authorization etc.

Organizations wishing to reduce their costs and improve efficiency can do so by enlisting the help of Procurement Services experts like ASSOCIUM GAIN. We can help to automate processes and alleviate congestion and obstructions – even when you think there’s no other way!

How do you know if your organization needs to consult with experts to re-jig your purchasing processes? You can start by taking these questions to your Senior Executive Team.

  • Can we report on spending by category (materials, technology, services) in an accurate and timely manner?
  • Do we manage our third party suppliers strategically, and do we measure the value they add to our business?
  • Are we able to effectively negotiate with suppliers?
  • Does Procurement have a seat at the table for important investment and design conversations?
  • Do we have a budget and forecasting process?

Streamlining procurement can be a complex procedure that may require a lot of work even before a business chooses on its preferred methods for optimization. Why go it alone? ASSOCIUM GAIN has worked with hundreds of organizations in the non-profit, public and private sectors. Your team has important work to do; work they were hired to do in their field of expertise – let us handle the field of our expertise.

Procurement is a critical aspect of any striving business. By choosing to forgo streamlining a procurement function, a business runs the risk of losing money and time. Can you afford either?

Contact the ASSOCIUM GAIN team today and find out the full extent to our membership advantages!